Online Marketing Conferences Poland 2012

Polish online marketing calender 2012

Every year the same procedure :) The new overview about the polish online marketing conferences for 2012 is ready for publishing. Again, after a successful last year, we are going into the next round. The following list with polish online marketing conferences will be updated on a regular basis as soon as new conferences will be announced. If you are organizing a conference in the digital marketing industry, please contact me directly and send some additional informations about your conference.

I have the feeling, that there will be some special conference projects going on, which will try to compete with the first polish conference&expo Internet Poland organized by the IAB Poland last year. Here I am thinking of the next edition of the Chief Marketing Officer congress in Sopot organized by mediarun. Let us wait and see how the conference industry is developing in Poland bringing better possibilities for the digital marketing industry to position itself as a major part in the overall marketing mix.

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Overview for the online marketing conferences in Poland for 2010.

Overview for the online marketing conferences in Poland for 2011.




e-Travel Forum 2012

e-Travel Forum - is an annual, international conference dedicated to the issues of online sales of travel products. The conference has grown to the position of a leading industry event in Poland. During its 4-year history the conference was attended by nearly 1,000 participants and 200 speakers. The e-travel conference is a big initiative for the e-travel sector in Poland. Please use the following link to explore photographies in the official e-travel 2011 conference gallery.

Jan 31 - 1 FebrWarsaw
SocialmediaStandard 2012

An annual conference about social media. This year the conference will take place for the 2nd time after a success in 2011. See the development of the polish social marketing, the development of Facebook Poland, Google+ and its local competitor Nasza-Klasa. Moreover there will be a lot about social marketing spend and monitoring tools, like the polish start-up Brand24 from Wroclaw.

Febr 2-3Warsaw
AdStandard 2012

An annual conference about the interactive ad market. See the development of ad spendings in Poland, the media mix distribution as well as new trends coming into the media mix.

March 19-20Warsaw
Generation Mobile 2012

First dedicated mobile only conference by the great NoNoobs team. NoNoobs will also get help from the well known blogger Grzegorz Marczak (antyweb) and Zoe Adamovicz (founder at Xyologic). Having this great team in place, I am pretty sure, that this will be the most important mobile conference in Poland. The conference agenda will be presented in the 2nd week of February.

March 29-30Warsaw
SEO / SEM Standard 2012

Internetstandard's annual conference about the online search industry. Meet the market leading search agencies or the local search engine representatives from Netsprint. All about SEM/SEO, search spendings, live search and new trends.

March 29-30Warsaw
Mobile Standard 2012

InternetStandard is introduced a new annual conference last year, which is dedicated to the mobile industry. New technology, faster mobile data transfers, a vide range of application are making the mobile industry growing in the media mix.

April 26-27Warsaw
Search Marketing Day 2012

Organized by, the Search Marketing Day – SEM Conference will take place in Poznań. It might be the biggest and most important event for the Polish SEM industry this year. The primary aim is to gather together distinguished specialists from the SEM industry from Poland and the neighbouring countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia.

May 22-23Poznan
Internet 2k12

One of the most important annual conferences from the Internetstandard conference team will be hold for the 7th time. InternetStandard Award ceremony for the company and the person of the year. Also the 2k12 report will be published during the conference. Megapanel/BPI results presentation and much more.

May 24-25Warsaw
Technology Standard 2012

Internetstandard's annual conference about new technologies, which are giving new opportunities to the advertisers. Real-time Bidding, as one of the most innovative technologies of the current marketing mix, might be a hot topic this year. Looking forward to new trends.

Sept 6-7Warsaw
Game Industry Trends (GIT) 2012

The video gaming industry is the economic sector involved with the development, marketing and sales of video games. It encompasses dozens of job disciplines and employs thousands of people worldwide. Empowered by the applications and in-game advertising it is most definitely a hot topic and a must be for gaming fans and marketers.

Sept 17-18Warsaw
Ecommerce Standard 2012

"Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, ecommerce, eCommerce or e-comm, refers to the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet" (source: Wikipedia). Every year new tools, technologies are coming into the market and it is really important to talk about them so that the marketers know how to explore them and make us out of them in their companies. It might be the most important question of the event: "How to sell more for less?" .. Looking forward!

Sept 27-28Warsaw

One of the most important international annual conference for the online marketing industry is organized by the polish Interactive Advertising Bureau. Local and International speakers are talking about the industry development and are showing case studies. The Internet Poland Conference and Expo was the biggest event in Poland presenting interactive marketing companies and issues. Forum IAB conference was an integral part of Internet Poland. The conference was be attended by the greatest authorities on the interactive marketing.


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