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Maciej Wyszynski TV appearances

  1. Maciej during the AdStandard 2011 conference in Warsaw’s Businessman Institute. An interview about Real-time Bidding, the new innovative technology on the display advertising market, where the advertiser is able to buy the right person, showing the right ad in the right time.
  2. Maciej is talking about polish internet, about online ad spendings, ad formats and online commission models (CPM, CPA) in polish business television TV Biznes.
  3. Maciej is giving some insights about affiliate marketing in general and with regard to the polish online market. Affiliate marketing is based on a tracking technology and is generating results on a pure performance basis.
  4. TV Biznes invited Maciej Wyszynski to talk about performance based online marketing. During the interview by Robert Bernatowicz, Maciej is explaining the affiliate model in detail.
  5. For the zanox Opening Event 2008 in Warsaw, Maciej was announced to be the host and presenter during the evening. The event took place in the stylish Foksal Bar in Warsaw Downtown and hosted around 100 online marketing professionals as well as press representatives. Online Marketing Experts like Jarosław Sobolewski (IAB Poland) or Robert Bednarski (Vice President Onet Group) were invited to speak during the event.
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  1. September 14th, 2011
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Maciej Wyszynski